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I describe myself primarily as a landscape/nature fine art photographer. My work as a scenic and lighting designer for theatre instructs my approach to photography. My images are not just about what the camera sees. The camera allows me to create an art piece that reveals my personal vision and experience of the initial scene rather than documenting only the realistic moment of the subject before the lens.

Composition and lighting emerge as important facets of my mind’s eye. The interaction of design elements such as line, shape, color, and texture creates a composition and aesthetic for a photographic image just as it forges the essence of scenography. In shooting a photo, I search for the unique angles that capture the moment that grabbed my attention and for the best orientation for my audience to view the scene caught in the lens—whether that is a sunset, mountain, or actor on stage. I want my viewers to experience the feeling of inhabiting a scene and be inspired to go out and see the world for themselves.

I have always drawn inspiration from the interplay of objects and light, both realistically and abstractly. I strive to capture images exhibiting a unique perspective or composition. Much of my work draws from a “minimally enhanced realism” approach, that is, an attempt for the final art piece to stay true to the moment as seen through the synergy of the camera lens and my mind’s eye. As a designer, I not only see the scene or image as it is but also as it might be in a more “artistic” presentation. In these instances, I manipulate the photo to explore a more expanded sense of what the image could become beyond its initial representation.

I invite you to explore some of the experiences of my mind’s eye.

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Swan Island Dahlias #2, Canby, OR
IMG9057_2019_08_25 - TyroneMarshallPhotograhy
Swan Island Dahlias #2, Canby, OR